I am a professional freelance photographer and travel writer. My passion is photographing sports, wildlife and nature. Through the many adventures and encounters, I have returned from amazing and exotic destinations, with special images of the amazing wildlife in their natural habitats and of the spectacular landscapes highlighting the beauty of these special regions here on earth.

Seeing is Believing!   Experiencing is Everlasting!!

    These photographs allow every nature lover and outdoor enthusiast to get a glimpse and appreciation of what this world has to offer.  I have a developed talent for capturing wildlife and nature in unforgettable poses and dramatic situations. The images create a story with feelings and emotions for each viewer to enjoy. Mysterious, inspirational, compassionate, and powerful are some of the words used by clients to describe my photographs.





    Up close with wildlife            Meeting special people                Giving a helping hand           Discovering amazing places        Connecting with nature 

Cyril Brass feeding Girafee at Calgary Zoo












My Travel Adventures

Hong Kong and Thailand - October 2012
San Diego, USA - September 2012
Ecuador - April 2012
Costa Rica - April 2011
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - September 2010
Mazatlan, Mexico - February 2010
Las Vegas, USA - October 2009
Costa Rica - May 2009
Nicaragua - November - December 2008
Costa Rica - August - December 2008
Southern California, USA - November 2007
Costa Rica - August 2007
Costa Rica - November 2006
Costa Rica - January/February 2006
Costa Rica - July 2005
Costa Rica - February 2005
Costa Rica - May-September 2004
Costa Rica - February/March 2004
Caribbean Cruise - August 2003
Costa Rica - March 2002
Kenya and Tanzania - September 2001
Costa Rica - March 2001
Kenya and Tanzania - May 2000
Scotland - May 2000
England and Scotland 1999
England 1997
Australia - 1995
New Zealand - 1995
England, Scotland and Ireland 1993


    With our busy lives today, the beauty in our world often goes unnoticed & unappreciated until you place an image in front of them to view up close. Through photography and writing,   I hopes to increase the awareness of the natural beauty and the endless adventures for everyone to enjoy in these special places by either playing sports, traveling to a far off region or celebrating a festive occasion with family, friends or co-workers.


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