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I joined Foster Parents Plan in January 2002 as a child sponsor.  I chose Kenya as the place to sponsor a child because I had seen first hand, travelling to parts of Kenya and Tanzania, the extreme poverty and harsh conditions in which many children and families live in.  

I am able to write letters and send gifts to my sponsor child Samson.  I can send small lightweight packages for special occasions like Samsonís Birthday, Christmas or just  send letters anytime I wish.  I just forward my letters, photos, small toys to Foster Parents Plan head office in Toronto, Ontario and they make sure Samson receives my packages.  How do I know he gets the packages that I send to him?   I have received several photos of Samson holding some of the gifts like balls, coloring books that I have sent.   


It is always exciting to receive a letter, photos or a drawing from Samson.  Yearly updates are sent to me, informing of what has been happening with Samson, his family and his community


He is a big part of my life here in Canada and I always look forward to receiving something in the mail all the way from Kenya. 



Here is some information about Samson and the community, which he lives in. 

Samson now goes to primary school and is enjoying learning.   He travels by foot and it takes him less than 30 minutes to get there.   Schools are now being reconstructed for better learning environment for the students. 

Like most impoverished communities in Kenya and Africa, safe drinking water is a major problem.  Where Samson and his family live, there is not enough water during both rainy and dry seasons. It comes from a rain catchment during the rainy season and from rivers and streams in the dry season. However, the water is not safe to drink, due to lack of appropriate treatment.

The nearest health facility is a hospital, which is 45 minutes away.  Health promotion and life skills are taught to children in schools and to families through community programs. The HIV/AIDs pandemic is the most critical challenge in the area where Samson and his family live.  Education and awareness of this disease is one of Foster Parents Planís priorities. 


"Good for you for sponsoring those friends of yours in Kenya, both animals and human.  Samson is a lucky guy to know that there's someone over here in Canada who cares about him."  

J. Calderin, Edmonton, Canada. May 2008




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