Photo Products

Looking for a photographic art print to compliment your home or office décor? 

Or searching for a unique gift for that special person?

These Nature Photo Products are ideal for nature enthusiasts, wildlife lovers or outdoor adventurists. 


My photography images are in the following categories with a few examples of specific subjects;

             Wildlife – Elephants, Frogs, Bears   
(Click Here to View more Wildlife images)



Floral – Roses, Orchids, HibiscusPink Rose    
(Click Here to View more Floral images)





Landscapes – Sunsets, Waterfalls, BeachesElbow Falls, Alberta, CanadaPlaya Colonia, Ballena National Park, Uvita, Costa Rica    
(Click Here to View more Landscape images)



Enjoying the Outdoors – Horseback Riding, Fishing    
(Click Here to View more Outdoor images)





Adventure and Sports  – Surfing, Hiking    
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Fine Art Prints and Products

Fine Art prints are archival quality using the most current print technology.

All of the photo products are prepared by top quality photo development equipment and companies.

All images you see on this website are available on several different photo products.

  1. High Quality Archival Paper

  2. Canvas

  3. Mouse pads

  4. Slate or Granite

  5. Custom Hand-made Greeting Cards

  6. Digital Images

If you see an image on my website that you are interested in purchasing please contact me.


Fine Art Prints on Paper and Canvas   

Print Size (inches)


 4 x 6

  $ 7.00

 5 x 7


 8 x10, 8x12


 14 x 16


 20 x 24


Larger sizes available upon request

  Quote Provided

Mouse Pads

Available Sizes and Shapes


6 x 8 Square


8 x 9 Square $
8 inch Diameter Round


Slate or Granite

Available Sizes Price
   8 x10


   14 x 16

Quote Provided

  20 x 24

Quote Provided

Greeting Cards

Customized Hand-made Greeting Cards with Photo inserted in front.

Card Size Photo Size Price

5 x 7

 4 x 6

 $ 5.00

7 x 9

 5 x 7

  $ 7.00

Click Here to View Available List of Images on Greeting Cards


Digital Images

All the Images you see on this website are stored as high resolution digital files and are available as stock photos in a variety of formats and resolutions depending on your usage.

Prices are based on number of images, resolution size and usage of the images.

What is the Usage?        Advertising, Editorial, Electronic, Corporate, Educational, Other
Where will it Appear?        Advertisement, Borchure, Website, Magazine, Book, etc.
What is the Print Coverage?        1/4 page, 1/2 page, Full page, Front Cover, etc.
What is the required File Format?        eg: 3500 x 2400, 300 dpi,  8" x 10"
How many Prints?        1, 50, 500, 5000, etc

Sent by Email

   Hi Resolution Image File (300 dpi)

Quote Provided

   Medium Resolution Image File (100 dpi)

Quote Provided
   Low Resolution Image File (72 dpi) Website quality

Quote Provided

Photo CD mailed

   Hi Resolution Image File (300 dpi) Quote Provided
   Medium Resolution Image File (150 dpi) Quote Provided
   Low Resolution Image File (72 dpi) Quote Provided
   Each additional image Quote Provided


Volume discounts will be given

Canadian Goods and Service Tax of 5% GST will be added to total amount.

Shipping and Handling will be calculated based on products, size, weight and destination.


* * Satisfaction Guarantee * *

If you are not 100% happy with your purchase within the first 60 days, just return the items back to us in their original condition for a full refund.



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