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AUTOMERIS IO CATERPILLAR    Issue 27 October/November 2011

     Toxic Beauty

     It is not always necessary to venture deep into the tropical jungles to find exotic wildlife.  This beautiful caterpillar was in the foliage beside a country road just outside a small coastal village in Costa Rica. It was early afternoon. I decided to take a walk to ...... (To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)


WHITE FACED CAPUCHIN MONKEY    Issue 26 August/September 2011


     Leaves rustle in the forest.  Tree branches break and fall to the ground. There is something moving over there in the dense jungle.  Loud screeches echo through ....... (To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)


THE JAGUAR RESCUE CENTER    Issue 26 August/September 2011

        Its name caught my attention; The Jaguar Rescue Center. In particular the word Jaguar, the most fierce and dangerous mammal in the forests of Costa Rica.  I had never seen one in all my travels throughout Costa Rica. Maybe this was the day.

        The Jaguar Rescue Center is located in the wetland rainforests  ...... (To read more click on HTML or PDF P1 and PDF P2 versions)


GOLDEN ORB SPIDER    Issue 25 June/July 2011


            I had never really been interested in photographing bugs and insects before I first traveled to Costa Rica. But in this small Central American country, there are bugs and insects everywhere, many BIG and mostly BEAUTIFUL.  With so many ......... (To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)


OWL BUTTERFLY    Issue 24 April/May 2011

            A butterfly in disguise.

            I sensed something was watching from a nearby branch. A creature’s eye was staring at me. I stepped forward cautiously not to scare off this unknown creature.  I was focused more on getting a good photograph of this mystery creature with the evil ..... (To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)


GREEN IGUANAS    Issue 23 February/March 2011

             A Green Iguana Turns Orange!

            It’s not everyday that one gets to see an orange colored Iguana sunning itself on a lush bush from fairly close range.  This particular Iguana is actually a male from the Green Iguana species. This is what our boat load of ..... ( To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)


TOUCAN    Issue 22 December 2010/January 2011

             A most recognizable bird!

            Without a doubt, the Rainbow-billed Toucan is the most recognizable of all toucan species. It is also known as the Keel-billed Toucan, Sulfur-breasted Toucan, “Billed” bird or even the “Fruit Loop” ..... (To read more click on HTML or PDF verions)


CROCODILES    Issue 21 April/May 2009                       

Crocodiles                American Crocodiles are one to the most prehistoric looking animals in the world today. The massive reptiles’ physical appearances and living habits have changed little over thousands and thousands of years.  These cold-blooded animals require an .....  (To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)


EYELASH PALM PIT VIPER    Issue 20 February/March 2009

              Colourful but deadly, the eyelash palm pit viper is one of the most dangerous of the venomous snakes in Central America.  It is also one of the ..... (To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)



SPOTTED HYENA    Issue 19 December 2008/January 2009

     They hunt and kill.  They scavenge and steal.

      Spotted Hyenas are the most abundant carnivore on the African continent establishing territories wherever abundant animal resources are adequate for eating; dead or alive.
  Spotted Hyenas are named by the.......  
(To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)


GREEN MACAW    Issue 18 October-November/2008

 The Gentle Green Giant in the Parrot World

      As a member of the parrot family and a close relative to the brightly colored Scarlet Macaw, the Great Green Macaw also possesses vibrant plumage of a lime green body with blue wing tips and tail feathers of red and blue. This gentle green giant in the parrot world, .......... (To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)


SNAKE BIRD    Issue 17 August-September/2008

    A Snake Bird, A Water Turkey, A Darter.

    It's always exciting and rewarding to go on a wildlife excursion into the tropical jungles of Costa Rica. The mystery of the unknown to what lies ahead and the discovery of ..........  (To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)


  MILLIPEDE or CENTIPEDE    Issue 16 June-July/2008

Rainforest Millipede, Costa Rica    How to tell a millipede from a centipede?   One way is to count the legs.

    Despite its name, the millipede or "thousand-legger" does not have a thousand legs, but only between eighty and four hundred legs depending on the specific species.  Also known as Diplopods, meaning doubled feet, each body segment of the millipede has ....... (To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)


Magazine Front Cover Photograph and Artist Profile     Issue 15 Apr-May/2008

Blue Morph Butterfly, Costa Rica

Artist Profile - Cyril Brass

  Issue #15, Cyril Brass               

      Cyril Brass is a freelance photographer and writer specializing in nature, wildlife and travel adventures. Combining his passions of travel and photography provides Cyril with unforgettable experiences and great photo opportunities from destinations such as Australia, Kenya, and Costa Rica. His dramatic images capture the exotic wildlife, stunning landscapes and diverse cultures. The front cover image is of a Blue Morpho Butterfly photographed in Costa Rica. Cyril’s photographs and articles can be viewed at


   RHINOCEROS BEETLE    Issue 15 Apr-May/2008

Elephant Beetle, Costa Rica

Giants of the Bug World

So tell me, how much weight can you lift? 50lbs?  200lbs?  Consider lifting 850 times your body weight. That is what Rhinoceros Beetles can lift. In proportion to their own size, Rhinoceros Beetles are the strongest animals in the world.  If humans were able to match that incredible strength, we could lift 65 tons.
          There are several types of beetles which
........... (To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)



"Hi Cyril

     I just wanted to write to you and let you know that I've really been enjoying the articles you've written for CreaturesAll, and that your photos are wonderful.  I'm glad I've been able to read the articles on your website that you've written for some of the issues of CreaturesAll that I haven't been able to find at newsstands.

     Costa Rica is a place I haven't known anything about, nor had I paid much attention to it before, but what you've written about and photographed certainly makes it look like a place worth visiting. I love your pictures of the plants and creatures you've encountered there. I have to admit that I had never heard of a basilisk or coatimundi before reading you articles about these creatures. Thank you for teaching me something new!

     I certainly look forward to reading more of your articles in CreaturesAll or on your website. It's nice that you have a career you enjoy and that you're able to visit places in the world that other people might not have been able to get to, or even thought of visiting."  

J. Calderin, Edmonton, Canada. May 2008

Issue 14 Feb-Mar/2008

 Coatimnundi, Cost Rica  
He cautiously climbed over the rocks, along the fallen logs searching and inspecting. Aware of my presence close by, but not afraid, he was focused on only one thing…. a meal.  Stopping every few steps he smelled the fresh tropical air. With his twitching nose, he caught scent of something. He abruptly ........... (To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)


  BUTTERFLY GARDEN ADVENTURE  Issue 13 Dec/2007-Jan/2008

Butterfly Garden Adventure, Costa Rica

Butterfly Garden Adventure, Costa Rica    No trip to Costa Rica would be complete without a butterfly garden adventure.  The creation of a natural tropical setting in a protected environment complete with lush vegetation, flowering plants and beautifully coloured butterflies, allows visitors to get close to some of Costa Rica’s more delicate wildlife species.............. (To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)


  ELEPHANT ORPHANAGE  Issue 11 Aug-Sep/2007

Elephant Orphanage Nairobi KenyaElephant Orphanage Nairobi Kenya    It is 10.00 am. Time is of the essence this morning.  Our land rover waits outside our hotel, the Stanley Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Nairobi. It is important to reach our destination before 11:00 am. With camera gear ready, we................(To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)


  Issue 10 Jun-Jul/2007
Squirrel Monkey, Costa Rica

With the start of each day, the sun rise brings activity to the tropical rainforests. I listen closely for the sounds of motion. My eyes scan the thick lush vegetation as I walk the trails deep in the Manuel Antonio National Park of Costa Rica.  In the distance I could hear the rustling of branches and chatter of ................  (To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)


    THE LIZARD THAT WALKS ON WATER  Issue 09 Apr-May/2007

Basilisk Lizard, Costa Rica

our boat winds its way through the slow-moving freshwater canal system of Tortuguero National Park, the lush vegetation encroaches over the riverbanks bringing the rainforest and its residents closer.  Floating quietly along the winding rivers, everyone's eyes scan the trees, shrubs and water for wildlife.  Caimans moving ........... (To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)


    FROG ENCOUNTERS  Issue 06 June-July/2006

Gaudy Leaf Red Eye Tree Frog, Costa RicaPoison Arrow Dart Frog, Costa RicaSmoky Jungle Frog, Costa Rica
Some of the most rewarding wildlife encounters that I have experienced in Costa Rica are with several of the smallest creatures, amphibians. Costa Rica has over 175 species of amphibians, with frogs making up most of that number. In the North-eastern region of the country is the tropical lowland ....... (To read more click on HTML or PDF versions)


    THE CONFUSED SLOTH  Issue 04 February-March/2006

    Visit after visit, I have been fortunate to see and photograph them. Sometimes hanging high on the treetops. Other times at eye level clinging to a branch. The creature is the 3-toed sloth and the place is Costa Rica. ....(To read more click on HTML or PDF )

Three-toed Sloth, Costa RicaThree-Toed Sloth, Costa Rica

"Excellent Stuff, Cyril. Great story. The challenge will be in finding room for enough of your pictures. I may break with tradition and go beyond my normal maximum of 2 pages. Thank you for the effort and thought ... I wish I had known of you 3 issues ago."   Bob Fielder, Publisher Creaturesall magazine. December 10, 2005
"Your article went a long way toward 'classin' up the joint ... so, thank you for that" Bob Fielder, Publisher Creaturesall magazine. February 10, 2006


V!VA List Latin America

V!VA List LATIN AMERICA   October 2007
333 Places and Experiences That People Love

Tortuguero National Park, Costa Rica    TORTUGUERO  Page 196
It is a true natural wilderness deep in the tropical jungles of Costa Rica. Considered one of the most biologically diverse regions in the country, Tortuguero National Park is a treasure of fascinating views, incredible wildlife and ..........  (To read more click on HTML  version)


Three-toed Sloth, Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica  MANUEL ANTONIO NATIONAL PARK  Page 202
    Abundant wildlife, diverse ecosystems and stunning beaches are some of the things that make Manuel Antonio National Park one of the top wilderness are in Costa Rica. Unique in its land coverage, the park spreads over a small portion of tropical rainforest  .......... (To read more click on HTML version)

   Rafting on Rio Pacuare, Costa Rica
Page 208
    Paddle hard! Hold on! Take a break. 
Ah, the commands shouted by your friendly, experienced river guides while aboard a wild rafting expedition on Costa Rica's Rio Pacuare.  Nestled deep in the Costa Rican tropical rainforest ..........
(To read more click on HTML version)



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